PADs Saver One Series

Multi-function PADs for defibrillation, synchronized cardioversion, cadiacatranial stimulation and ECG monitoring, with direct connection to cables and defibrillators.
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PADs Saver One Series

PADs Saver One Series


The AMI Italia defibrillation PADs are pre-cast disposable types. They are equipped with a special anti-shock safety connector that must be inserted in the appropriate insert of the defibrillator. AMI Italy PADs have a 30-month expiration Saver One Series defibrillators can use two types of PADs:

  • SAV-C0846 Multifunction PADs Adult Pre-Connected
  • SAV-C0016 Multifunction PADs Pre-bound children
The PADs SAVC0846 are for adult patients (age> 8 years or weight> 25Kg), while the PADs SAV-C0016 are for pediatric patients (age <8 years or weight <25Kg).

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