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Barbed Cog Face Pull Wires W-type blunt cannula Cannula Hyundae Meditech Barbed Cog Face Pull Wires...
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Barbed Cog Face Pull Wires W-type blunt cannula

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Resorbable Pulling Threads in Polydioxanone (PDO) Secret Cog Cannula blunt tip type W. Mono-filament barbed threads for traction and support of face and body tissues.Pack of 12 pieces.CE 2292 MEDICAL DEVICEFOR MEDICAL USE ONLY

DermLite Carbon Dermlite Dermatoscopes 3Gen DLC DermLite Carbon
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DermLite Carbon

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Dermlite Carbon is a dermatoscope used for the control of dry lesions, non-contact, without using oils in immersion.

DermLite Connection Kit for Samsung Galaxy Accessories and Adapters for dermatoscopes 3Gen
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DermLite Connection Kit for Samsung Galaxy

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Finally, you can use the functional power and optical beauty of the DermLite you already know & own to take digital images with your Samsung Galaxy.

DermLite DL 1 Dermlite Dermatoscopes 3Gen DL1 DermLite DL 1
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DermLite DL 1

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DermLite DL1 integrates epiluminescence dermatoscopy with digital high-resolution imaging designed for your Iphone, Ipad or Galaxy Samsung.

DermLite DL 100 Dermlite Dermatoscopes 3Gen DL100 DermLite DL 100
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DermLite DL 100

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DermLite DL 100 is a epiluminescence polarized dermatoscope that allows the vision of pigmented lesions with a magnification of 10 times without oil.