Dives Cellushoock anti-cellulite cocktail for mesotherapy 10x10ml

CelluShoock+ anti-cellulite formula designed to fight for a perfect body. The synergy of lipolytic, draining, metabolism accelerating, and conditioning ingredients allows for multidirectional action and obtaining optimal skin smoothing effects and reduction of fat tissue deformation.

N.10 vials of 10ml

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Dives Cellushoock anti-cellulite cocktail for mesotherapy 10x10ml

Dives Cellushoock anti-cellulite cocktail for mesotherapy 10x10ml


Pack of 10 vials of 10ml.

CelluShoock+ anti-cellulite formula designed to fight for a perfect body. The synergy of lipolytic, draining, metabolism accelerating, and conditioning ingredients allows for multidirectional action and obtaining optimal skin smoothing effects and reduction of fat tissue deformation.

The synergistic and condensed action quickly eliminates fatty deposits and swelling, which effectively prevents the recurrence of unsightly skin irregularities. The combination of the strongest lipolytic substances (phosphatidylcholine and sodium deoxycholate) allows for quick body contouring and reduction of excessive fat accumulation. The content of L-Carnitine accelerates the metabolism of the released triglycerides and their removal from the body. The addition of caffeine stimulates microcirculation, eliminating swelling and the feeling of heavy legs. The culmination of the therapeutic effects is the effect of the drainage extract of butcher’s broom, which ensures proper water retention and prevents the recurrence of water cellulite. Such multi-level action ensures long-lasting and effective results in shaping the figure and eliminating cellulite.

CelluShoock+ causes the enzymatic process of breaking down triacylglycerols (triglycerides) in adipose tissue to free fatty acids and glycerol, which when released into the bloodstream, are captured by most tissues and oxidized as the main source of energy to carbon dioxide and water. The biochemical elimination of fat cells begins immediately after the procedure and lasts for 8-12 weeks. This process is used for body contouring during lipolysis. The addition of conditioning substances rebuilds the collagen structure of the skin, firms the tissues and prevents them from sagging, and effectively reduces the symptoms of skin unevenness.

All mesocomponents and meso cocktail Dives are ready to use without dilutions or additions of any kind. Suitable for use in all major transdermal delivery procedures in aesthetic and aesthetic medicine, such as electroporation, needling, ultrasound, mesotherapy and radiofrequency.


We use the CelluShoock+ product in the therapy of local

fat accumulation for lipolytic and anti-cellulite

purposes in places such as:

• thighs and buttocks

• calves

• knees

• arms

• upper and lower abdomen

• treatment areas with a small amount of fatty tissue


• reduction of excessive body fat

• eliminating cellulite and

• smoothing the skin

• improvement of skin firmness and elasticity

• facelift and tension of fat sagging


Phosphatidylcholine (2.5%)

The strongest substance that emulsifies adipose tissue, increases the permeability of the membrane, and facilitates the excretion of excess fat from the body.

Butcher’s broom extract

Supports blood circulation, prevents lymphatic stasis and swelling, supports the fight against water and circulation cellulite

Sodium deoxycholate (2.5%)

Degrades the cell membranes of adipocytes, allows for faster breakdown of released triglycerides

L-carnitine (3%)

Accelerates the transport and metabolism of released triglycerides and their excretion from the body


Accelerates metabolism and stimulates blood microcirculation, supports drainage, and prevents the accumulation of toxins


Apply to cleansed skin until the desired effect is obtained. Do not exceed 40 ml of the product per treatment. Before performing the procedure, it is absolutely necessary to conduct a medical interview, rule out contraindications and obtain informed consent to perform the procedure, and inform the patient of possible results, contraindications, and possible side effects. To obtain satisfactory and lasting effects, 4-8 treatments should be performed, at intervals of 14-21 days. Incorrect or inconsistent with the manufacturer’s recommendations may lead to complications and side effects.


The application of CelluShoock + causes a controlled inflammation, which may be manifested by temporary swelling, redness, bruising and tissue soreness. Usually these changes are mild and go away within a week. If any inflammatory reaction does not disappear within 7 days, it is recommended to consult a specialist performing the procedure.


To obtain optimal treatment results and safe convalescence:

– do not apply makeup for up to 12 hours

– avoid solarium and excessive sun exposure for up to 2 weeks after the procedure

– do not expose the correction site to extreme low and high temperatures

– massage the treatment site intensively until the palpable lumps are gone

– hydrate the body to accelerate tissue drainage

– immediately report any disturbing changes to the specialist performing the procedure


The content of CelluShoock+ ampoules has been sterilized by radiation.


Do not use the product after the expiry date and if the packaging is damaged or has been improperly stored. Store the product in its original packaging at 15-25 ° C, protect it from freezing and direct sunlight. Use the contents of the package for a single application and do not re-sterilize.


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