Dives Liposhoock + concentrated lipolytic cocktail for body shaping 10x10ml

A concentrate of the most powerful lipolytic substances to reduce excess adipose tissue and shape the body.

N.10 10ml vials

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Dives Liposhoock + concentrated lipolytic cocktail for body shaping 10x10ml

Dives Liposhoock + concentrated lipolytic cocktail for body shaping 10x10ml


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Pack of 10 rows of 10 ml.


A concentrate of the most powerful lipolytic substances to reduce excess adipose tissue and shape the body. It causes enzymatic apoptosis of adipocytes and damage to cell membranes, leading to an effective reduction of local adipose tissue and smoothing the body structure. The content of the maximum permitted concentration of phosphatidylcholine, further enriched with deoxycholic acid, guarantees rapid and spectacular effects of reducing the circumference of the tissues. Formula enhanced with L-Carnitine, accelerates the metabolism of released fatty acids and optimizes the effect of the therapy. Thanks to the content of hydrogenated lecithin and oligopeptides, LipoShoock further conditions the tissues, leaving them smooth, firm and visibly leaner.

LipoShoock + causes the enzymatic process of breaking down triacylglycerols (triglycerides) in adipose tissue to release fatty acids and glycerol, which, once released into the bloodstream, are captured by most tissues and oxidized as the main source of energy into carbon dioxide and water . Biochemical elimination of fat cells begins immediately after the procedure and lasts 8-12 weeks. This process is used for body remodeling during lipolysis. The addition of peptides and conditioning substances rebuilds the collagen structure of the skin, tightens the tissues and prevents them from sagging due to the reduction in body circumference.

All mesocomponents and meso cocktail Dives are ready to use without dilutions or additions of any kind. Suitable for use in all major transdermal delivery procedures in aesthetic and aesthetic medicine, such as electroporation, needling, ultrasound, mesotherapy and radiofrequency.


We use the LipoShoock + product in the therapy of local fat accumulation for lipolytic purposes in places such as:

• face

• chin and jaw

• arms

• upper and lower abdomen

• male breast tissue

• thighs and buttocks

• tissues after surgical liposuction


• removal of excess body fat

• reduction in body circumference

• improvement of firmness and elasticity of the skin

• local weight loss


• face and body lipolysis

• reduction in the volume of adipose tissue

• improve the contours of the face and body

• improvement of skin tension, density and firmness

• reduction of fat cellulite

• eliminate skin flaccidity

• improvement of lipid metabolism

• reduce the tendency to accumulate fat at the treatment site

• reduction of lipomas

gynecomastia in men


Phosphatidylcholine (5%)

the strongest substance that emulsifies adipose tissue, increases the permeability of the cell membrane and facilitates the excretion of excess fat from the body.

Sodium deoxycholate (2.5%)

- degrades the cell membranes of the adipocytes, allows a faster degradation of the released triglycerides

Soybean oil

- a strong antioxidant rich in vitamin E, a conditioning factor

Hydrogenated lecithin

- improves the appearance of sagging skin by improving the tension and elasticity of collagen fibers

L-carnitine (1%)

- accelerates the transport and metabolism of released triglycerides and their excretion from the body

Cartilage gelatin extract

- improves circulation and tissue drainage, has a firming and collagen synthesizing effect, recommended for skin flaccidity and stretch marks


- have a lipophilic effect, reduce the level of saturated fatty acids

Sh- Oligopeptyd 2

- have a lipophilic effect, reduce the level of saturated fatty acids


Apply to cleansed skin until the desired effect is achieved. Do not exceed 30 ml of product per treatment. Before performing the procedure, it is imperative to conduct a medical interview, rule out contraindications and obtain informed consent to perform the procedure, and inform the patient of possible results, contraindications and any

side effects. To achieve satisfactory and long-lasting effects, 4-8 treatments should be performed at intervals of 21-28 days. Incorrect or inconsistent with the manufacturer's recommendations can lead to complications and side effects.


For optimal treatment results and safe recovery:

do not apply makeup for up to 12 hours at the treatment site avoid tanning and excessive sun exposure for up to 2 weeks after the procedure do not expose the correction site to extremely low and high temperatures intensely massage the treatment site until until the palpable lumps have disappeared hydrate the body to accelerate tissue drainage immediately report any disturbance changes to the specialist who performs the procedure


The contents of the LipoShoock + vials have been steam sterilized.


Do not use the product after the expiry date


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