POLIFILL Remodeling Filler with 1x2ml polynucleotide gel

Tissue biostimulator based on polynucleotides for cellular restoration.


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POLIFILL Remodeling Filler with 1x2ml polynucleotide gel

POLIFILL Remodeling Filler with 1x2ml polynucleotide gel


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Designed for deep redermalization (remodeling) and reconstruction of the skin structure. The product is an analogue of the physiological DNA of skin cells and is used for the intensive reconstruction of tissues damaged by external factors and altered by chronological or solar aging. The polynucleotides contained in the product are nucleic acids formed from highly purified nucleotide fragments of DNA and RNA, which are 100% analogues of human deoxyribonucleic acid. Their use allows the repair of the damaged cellular matrix of DNA, the acceleration of metabolism and the proliferation of cells and the intensification of replication and renewal of skin cells. This action corrects age-related skin changes, accelerates and effectively influences skin regeneration, the synthesis of skin support proteins, the restoration of endogenous hyaluronic acid and the increase in the level of hydration and filling of the tissues.


• initiation of the synthesis of collagen and elastin

• improvement of skin elasticity and density

• increase tension and firmness

• stimulation of the synthesis of endogenous hyaluronic acid

• improvement of tissue hydration and hydration

• intensification of regenerative and metabolic processes

• increase the speed of cell replication and division

• repair of damage caused by external factors (tobacco smoke, smog, air pollution, UV radiation)

• eliminate the symptoms of solar and chronological aging

• protection against oxidative stress and protein glycation

• general rejuvenation, skin smoothing and improvement of skin condition


SKIN BIORESTRUCTURE - protection and repair of damaged DNA of the skin cell matrix, with consequent strong revitalization and optimization of the rhythm of the physiological processes of the skin

REDERMALIZATION OF THE SKIN - initiation of the stimulation of the supporting fibers of the skin and of the endogenous hyaluronic acid, which influences the remodeling, lifting and thickening of the skin structure

SKIN HYDRATION - strong tissue hydration and increased cohesion, resulting from the high water-binding capacity of the polynucleotides

Polynucleotides concentration: 25mg/ml

Metabolization time: 3-4 months

Capacity: 2ml

4 Treatments every 15-30 days

Implantation depth: dermis, the mucosa of the labial red

Made in Germany


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