Cluederm Refit aesthetics radiofrequency with vacuum

Cluederm Refit is an aesthetic radiofrequency system with vacuum and intelligent treatment control.

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Cluederm Refit aesthetics radiofrequency with vacuum

Cluederm Refit aesthetics radiofrequency with vacuum


REFIT by Cluederm is a multi-functional device that utilizes Radio Frequency, vacuum, LED and dynamic pulsation technology to provide effective and customizable treatments. All of these unique functions combined with the multiple hand-pieces makes the REFIT an ideal treatment for facial rejuvenation and body contouring.

Integrated Technology

Multi-polar RF
RF generates concentrated thermal energy into the dermal and subcutaneous layers with advantages that promote faster metabolism, tighter collagen development, and improvement in skin elasticity.

Vacuum Suction
The vacuum suction capability boosts blood circulation to help drain stubborn fat through the body’s lymphatic system as well as enhance the delivery of RF energy into deeper layers of the skin.

The custom selection of LED wavelengths between 640nm and 460nm works to increase skin circulation and improve skin tones upon contact.

Three different sized handpieces for different body areas.

The pulse levels can be customized by practitioners to fit multiple treatment plans with accuracy and operate with minimal noise levels compared to other RF devices.


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