Spare parts for various types of medical equipment.


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  • Derma Medical Systems

    Spare Parts and Accessories for videodermatoscopes MoleMax branded Derma Medical Systems like fiber optic cable, lamps and even more. Contact us for technical assistance on Derma Medical Systems equipments.

  • Lutronic

    Spare parts and accessories suitable for Lutronic, distributed in Italy exclusively by Bioskin Italia Srl. For technical assistance on Lutronic equipment contact us.

  • 3Gen

    Spare parts for dermatoscopes 3Gen DermLite, contact us for technical support for dermatoscopes

  • TBH

    Spare parts for TBH smoke evacuators, contact us for technical support.

  • Cleaning and maintenance

    Cleaning and maintenance for lenses and optical parts of lasers, impulsed lights and dermatoscopes.

  • Classys

    Parts, accessories and consumables for equipment manufactured by Classys Inc.