Complete production of dermatoscopes for clinical dermoscopy polarized light branded 3Gen DermLite

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DermLite Foto II Pro Plus Digital Dermatoscopy 3Gen DLF2Plus DermLite Foto II Pro Plus
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DermLite Foto II Pro Plus

Price €4,390.78
€3,599.00 VAT Excl.

The Ultimate Package:DermLite Foto II Pro with Nikon D500 While our Foto II Pro dermoscopy lens it becomes that much more powerful when paired with a capable 20.9 Megapixel Nikon D500.

Dermlite DL5 polarized light dermatoscope Dermlite Dermatoscopes 3Gen DL5 Dermlite DL5 polarized...
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Dermlite DL5 polarized light dermatoscope

Price €1,950.78
€1,599.00 VAT Excl.

With the world’s first variable polarization system in a hybrid dermatoscope, DermLite® DL5 lets you uncover a whole new layer in handheld dermoscopy. Not only can you toggle between polarized and non-polarized modes, now you’re able to visualize extremely superficial structures under parallel polarization. You'll discover that nothing boosts your...

Handheld dermatoscope Dermogenius 3 DermoScan Dermatoscopes  DERMOGENIUS3 Handheld dermatoscope...

Handheld dermatoscope Dermogenius 3

Price €1,157.78
€949.00 VAT Excl.

The DermoGenius 3 dermatoscope from DermoScan is a professional and robust dermatoscope with polarized and non-polarized light, 10x magnification and dioptric correction.

Heine Delta 20T Dermatoscope Heine Dermatoscopes HEINE Heine Delta 20T Dermatoscope

Heine Delta 20T Dermatoscope

Price €1,695.80
€1,390.00 VAT Excl.

Heine Delta 20T LED polarized light dermatoscope.With hard case, plate with millimeter scale and dermatoscopy compendium.

DermLite Foto II Pro Digital Dermatoscopy 3Gen DLF2-PRO DermLite Foto II Pro
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DermLite Foto II Pro

Price €2,427.80
€1,990.00 VAT Excl.

The all-new Foto II Pro dermoscopy lens has been designed for those who wish to capture the highest-quality dermoscopic images using any 2/3 frame or full-frame Canon or Nikon DSLR.

Lumio polarised examination lens Examination Lamps 3Gen LUM Lumio polarised examination...

Lumio polarised examination lens

Price €669.78
€549.00 VAT Excl.

DermLite Lumio is the ideal polarised 2X examination lens for general skin exams, where a deep and reflection free image is essential.

Heine NC2 Dermatoscope Heine Dermatoscopes HEINE D-841.78.120 Heine NC2 Dermatoscope

Heine NC2 Dermatoscope

Price €908.90
€745.00 VAT Excl.

Heine NC2 dermatoscope with rechargeable handle, contact plate, USB cable, power supply and case.

Dermlite DL4W Dermlite Dermatoscopes 3Gen DL4W Dermlite DL4W

Dermlite DL4W

Price €1,523.78
€1,249.00 VAT Excl.

Dermlite DL4W dermatoscope is the natural successor of Dermlite DL3 on the dermatoscopy market. Magnetic connections with smartphones and tablets, broader view with two levels of brightness.

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