Smoke evacuator

Systems of aspiration and filtration of the fumes produced during electrosurgical procedures, laser and radiosurgery.

Active filters

Airmax Medical Fume Extractor Medical Smoke Evacuators  AIRMAX Airmax Medical Fume Extractor

Airmax Medical Fume Extractor

Price €3,330.60
€2,730.00 VAT Excl.

Aspirator of fumes Medical Airmax for extraction and filtration of fumes produced by laser procedures and minor surgery. It has MEDICAL CE marking.

Extraction Tube with integrated protection grid Smoke evacuator accessories TBH GmbH 12777

Extraction Tube with integrated protection grid

Price €181.78
€149.00 VAT Excl.

Extraction Tube with integrated protection grid to avoid extraction of foreign objects. The grid is a convex design to reduce the risk of material being suckedonto the grid surface during a procedure, blocking air flow. In addition, the protective grid prevents the extraction of foreign objects - non-intentionally or intentionally - that might block the...

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