Dermlite Dermatoscopes

New Dermatoscops series Dermlite manufactured by 3Gen with polarized light.

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Dermlite DL4W Dermlite Dermatoscopes 3Gen DL4W Dermlite DL4W

Dermlite DL4W

Price €1,256.60
€1,030.00 VAT Excl.

Dermlite DL4W dermatoscope is the natural successor of Dermlite DL3 on the dermatoscopy market. Magnetic connections with smartphones and tablets, broader view with two levels of brightness.

DermLite DL3N Dermlite Dermatoscopes 3Gen DL3N DermLite DL3N

DermLite DL3N

Price €1,145.58
€939.00 VAT Excl.

The new DermLite DL3N is now even more capable than ever. With refined optics and improved visualization of both pigmented and vascular structures, it is the tool of choice of the world’s leading dermatologists. 

DermLite II Hybrid Dermlite Dermatoscopes 3Gen DL2HM DermLite II Hybrid

DermLite II Hybrid

Price €1,096.78
€899.00 VAT Excl.

The dermatoscope DermLite II Hybrid combines the normal immersion dermatoscopy  with the cross-polarization technology with or without contact.

DermLite Carbon Dermlite Dermatoscopes 3Gen DLC DermLite Carbon

DermLite Carbon

Price €669.78
€549.00 VAT Excl.

Dermlite Carbon is a dermatoscope used for the control of dry lesions, non-contact, without using oils in immersion.

DermLite DL 100 Dermlite Dermatoscopes 3Gen DL100 DermLite DL 100

DermLite DL 100

Price €340.38
€279.00 VAT Excl.

DermLite DL 100 is a epiluminescence polarized dermatoscope that allows the vision of pigmented lesions with a magnification of 10 times without oil.

DermLite DL 1 Dermlite Dermatoscopes 3Gen DL1 DermLite DL 1

DermLite DL 1

Price €669.78
€549.00 VAT Excl.

DermLite DL1 integrates epiluminescence dermatoscopy with digital high-resolution imaging designed for your Iphone, Ipad or Galaxy Samsung.

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