Medical Devices

Electromedical equipment of various types for dermatology and aesthetic medicine centers, including surgical lights, treatments fume exhaust, defibrillators, second hand devices and cooling units (chiller) for aesthetic treatments.

Medical Devices 

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  • Medical Lamps

    Wide range of LED and scialytical lamps for medical use and patient observation.

  • Smoke evacuator

    Systems of aspiration and filtration of the fumes produced during electrosurgical procedures, laser and radiosurgery.

  • Defibrillation

    Wide range of defibrillators, practical and easy to carry, highly reliable and effective in emergencies from sudden cardiac arrest. Designed to be easy to use for everyone: lay rescuers and professionals. Optimized for use in environments and extreme conditions, guarantee a fast and effective defibrillation for any emergency.

  • Cooling Units - Chillers

    Cooling Units ( Chillers ) for aesthetic treatments, dermatological procedures and Criotherapy, with adapters for the most known laser on the market.

  • Second Hand

    Wide range of electrical equipment for dermatology and aesthetic medicine used, refurbished and guaranteed. All with one year warranty.

  • Spares

    Spare parts for various types of medical equipment.

  • Service

    Service of maintenance, repair, calibration and electrical safety of medical equipment that can be purchased directly online.