PagOnline by Unicredit Credit Card Payment

Use your credit card through the secure circuit on the site.


With PagOnline, the payment instrument reserved for clients of BIOSKIN Online Shop thanks to UniCredit SpA you can pay the Amounts owed to you Directly from your checking account.

Available 7 days 7, 24 hours on 24
Safe standard SSL encryption with 128-bit symmetric key
Easy to use
Alternative and complementary to other methods of payment available on the market (bank wire, Paypal).


The information you Shops provide in relation to the date of your credit card are sent through a secure server using SSL 128-bit, the highest standard of security for sending sensitive information across the Internet.

The information you provide in relation to the data of your credit card will be sent through a secure server using SSL to 128 bits, the highest security standards for sending sensitive information across the Internet.
SSL is issued, guaranteed and certified by Verisign. The SSL protocol is issued, guaranteed and certified by Verisign.
The system acts simultaneously on two levels of control:

SSL 128-bit: protects the sending of your data from your browser to the server, making them unreadable to third parties.
Verisign: certify with a Secure Server ID That Is actually only communicating with the server.

Therefore, the data related to credit card processing is done for the controls required to authorize the payment online. The operator, I know you do not have access to the data on the credit card, but only handle the data (name, surname, address ...) used to send the products at your doorstep.

To Ensure maximum security for payments, transactions of your online purchases paid for by credit card are made with Verisign certification, through a secure server That Adopts the security system SSL (Secure Socket Layer).

This system takes care of encrypting the information you type, so as to make it impossible to intercept them. At the time of paying your order by credit card, you will be automatically sent to a secure page (SSL) on the website of the bank That will handle the transaction. On this page you can enter your card details (number and expiry date) in an absolutely safe. The date is Directly Transmitted to the Bank, giving you the maximum guarantee.

Unlike what happens in a traditional business (where your card details pass under the eyes of the owner, salesman, waiter) online transaction Becomes assolutamenta safe Because no one (not even us) may be aware of the codes of Credit Cards used by ITS customers . The code is used only for the payment transaction if the payment is successful, your confirmation is instant we receive from the Bank only to ticket number.

Code of the credit card no trace in any of our files. These are false Allegations circulating on the credit cards: statistics confirm That the theft of the codes takes place in traditional shops, we are not in possession of the card details so no one can get hold, and the bank in case of established fraud you always compensated.