HEINE DELTA 30 polarized dermatoscope

Heine Delta 30 LED polarized light dermatoscope.

With hard case, plate with millimeter scale.

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HEINE DELTA 30 polarized dermatoscope

HEINE DELTA 30 polarized dermatoscope


HEINE DELTA 30 polarized dermatoscope
The new HEINE DELTA 30 is the dermatoscope with the best image quality currently available from HEINE. With its achromatic optical system in combination with a 32 mm lens, 10x magnification and LED HQ illumination, this high-end dermatoscope ensures extremely high diagnostic reliability. With help of the switchable polarisation, glare- and reflection-free work is guaranteed.
The examination can either be documented on the iPhone with help of the HEINE DERM app or the HEINE CUBE system. Thanks to the handy toggle feature, the dermatoscope can also be used to diagnose diseases that can be detected via blink signs (e.g. cristalline structures, milia)
Switching between 3 fixed light intensities is as easy as dioptre compensation ans switching between polarised and non-polarised light.
Product Details
  • HEINE DELTA 30 dermatoscope
  • High End device with excellent image quality
  • 30 mm image field
  • 10x magnification
  • 32mm lens
  • Achromatic optical system for sharp images
  • Homogeneous illumination without shadows, reflections and distracting spots
  • Compatible with iPhones (from version 6) and the HEINE Cube system
  • Documentation with the free HEINE DERM app
  • With LEDs in HEINE quality
  • True-colour Display
  • Angled handle to facilitate examination
  • Quick switching between polarised and non-polarised illumination (toggle feature)
  • Contact disc can be autoclaved
  • Dust-proof housing for maintenance-free use
  • With dioptre compensation - ideal for lens wearers
  • Li-ion battery without memory effect
  • Colour: black
Delivery Contents:
  • HEINE DELTA 30 dermatoscope
  • Contact disc with scale
  • USB cable
  • Medically approved mains connector
  • Case


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