Q-Switched Nd-yag Laser Lutronic Spectra XT

Lutronic Spectra XT is a top of the range Nd:YAG Q-switched laser for the removal of all types of tattoos and for non-ablative skin rejuvenation.


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Q-Switched Nd-yag Laser Lutronic Spectra XT

Q-Switched Nd-yag Laser Lutronic Spectra XT


SPECTRA XT is the latest new cutting-edge device from Lutronic Corporation.

The Spectra XT is called “The Extended Platform” because of its widely-extended clinical indications and applications as compared to previous similar devices currently on the market.

In particular, its newly extended treatments, namely “Gold Toning” with 595 nm, “RuVY Touch” with 660 nm and “Revital Treatment” with 1064 nm quasi-long pulse (Max. 45 J / sec), offer more treatment choices to both doctors and patients, without the need to invest in additional devices separately.

Data sheet

Device Type
Nd-Yag Laser
Emitted Wavelenght
1064 nm, 532nm, 650nm, 585nm, 660nm, 595nm (With optional handpieces)
Transmittion Medium
Articulated Arm with Handpiece
Pulse Mode
Pulse Energy
1064 QS 1200 mJ, 1064 Q-PTP 1700 mJ, 532 QS 400 mJ, 1064 Spectra 4500 mJ, 585/595 QS 250 mJ 650/660 QS Max. 150 mJ
Spot Size
1064 nm 2-10 mm, 532 nm 1.3-8.1 mm, 585 nm 2 mm, 595 nm 5 mm, 650 nm 2 mm, 660 nm 2-3 mm
Pulse Duration
5-10ns (Q-Switched Mode) / 300us (Spectra Mode)
Repetition Rate
Max 10Hz
Aiming Beam
User Interface
LCD Display Touchscreen
Liquid cooling closed circuit
Power Specifications
AC220/230V 50-60Hz
CE Certification:
88 kg

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