Oaze Hair Boom Laser Helmet for Hair Regrowth

Hair Beam from WON Technology, is a laser helmet for treat and prevent hair loss. COLOR: WHITE

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Oaze Hair Boom Laser Helmet for Hair Regrowth

Oaze Hair Boom Laser Helmet for Hair Regrowth


Oaze Hair Boom is a Laser Helmet designed for Hair Regrowth and falling prevention. 

Hair loss is regarded as modern people’s chronic disease. A number of people who are suffered from hair loss have already exceeded 10 million. Hair loss population caused by heredity, aging, dying, stress and environmental pollutions are not only for a limited number of people.

Hair Boom will bring the lost confidence back to you who are suffered from hair loss. There are a lot of existing hair loss prevention products in the market (mini dose, ample, shampoo, massage, implant and transplant operation), but those have side effects such as hormone abnormality, smell, dandruff and high cost. Especially, you get hurt again when the effects are disappointing.

Hair Boom, laser hair health trainer, was invented after 3 years in research & development and 1 year of clinical test with proven effect by laser specialized company, WON Technology. Hair Beam clears away old same problem which is solved by previous treatment for preventing hair loss. oaze gives you new hope with laser treatment’s stability, no pain treatment and hair loss prevention effects.

Oaze Hair Boom Laser Helmet for hair loss prevention and hair regrowth.


Data sheet

Emitted Wavelenght
650 nm
Output power
5 mW max.
CE Certification:

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