Impulsed Light IPL Lutronic Solari

Lutronic SOLARI is a definitive pulsed light epilator with square wave.


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Impulsed Light IPL Lutronic Solari

Impulsed Light IPL Lutronic Solari


Unlike traditional IPL on the market, Lutronic SOLARI is a definitive pulsed light epilator with square wave and with its cutting-edge technology ensures precise treatments and no side effects .

The filtering system of SOLAR was designed to have a greater selectivity on the fabric , with a spectral distribution stable in time . This innovative filter technology significantly improves clinical outcomes. The great versatility of SOLARI Lutronic makes it ideal for the treatment of vascular and pigmented lesions .

Cooling system of the skin

The efficient cooling system keeps skin SOLARI refrigerated the point of contact to ensure treatments more comfortable and safe as possible . This system optimizes the cooling of the skin temperature of the peripheral tissue and the target tissue for a more efficient operation .

Various types of filters

SOLARI has a different cut filters . These new filters were designed to be used on different clinical indications in order to meet the needs of physicians.

High repetition rate

The duration of treatment is important, both for patients and doctors , which are able to treat a greater number of patients. SOLARI has a very high repetition rate which will guarantee a considerable saving of time.

Spectral distribution

The spectral distribution of SOLARI is very efficient on the tissues , as it contains a larger amount of spectrum responsive to the chromophore . The high slope of the filter makes it very selective about the desired tissues . Other IPL show more gentle slopes that involve lower selectivity to the target chromophore .
The result is that when the user increase the fluence , is likely to produce unwanted side effects.

Data sheet

Device Type
Impulsed Light System
Emitted Wavelenght
420-750nm / 510-950nm / 570-950nm / 620-850nm / 670-950nm / 710-950nm
Pulse Type
Square Pulse
Transmittion Medium
Handpiece with Flashlamp
Pulse Energy
35 J/cm2 Max.
Treated Area
12x40mm (4,8cm2)
Pulse Duration
2ms - 300ms
Repetition Rate
Up to 1 Hz
User Interface
LCD Display Touchscreen
Liquid cooling closed circuit
Power Specifications
AC220/230V 22A 50-60Hz
CE Certification:
82,5 Kg

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